Health Insurance

What is Health Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Health insurance is essentially an insurance policy that is meant to protect the policyholder from the costs of getting medical treatment. Many different things are covered by insurance, and the details for deductibles or any co-pays really depend on the type of policy that you have. Most insurance policies cover such items like preventative care (check-ups and physicals), seeing specialists (such as an allergist or a neurologist), and different types of surgeries. Sometimes even elective surgeries and treatments can be covered by these insurance policies.

Who Is it for and How Is it Provided?

This insurance is generally for the policyholder and any other individuals that are put on the policy. Most people include their dependents and families on their policy. They pay one premium for their family plan, and then everyone in their family is able to use the benefits of the plan. Children are often allowed to use the benefits themselves until there are 25 or 26 years old, depending on their state of residence.

Most insurance is provided directly through the workplace as part of the company’s benefits package. Employees are given options of several different plans and work with their employer to pay their insurance premiums through payroll deductions. Some employers even offer complimentary policies that are not as thorough as the paid policies, but still give some coverage to employees.

How Does It Work?

Insurance generally will kick in after an annual deductible or co-pay is paid. Once this amount is paid, then all you have to do is show the doctor or whomever you are dealing with your insurance card and provide your information. The insurance company will pay for the medical treatment.

The Major Benefits of Insurance for Health

Health is an extremely important thing to think about. That is why this type of insurance is often seen as the most beneficial being offered by employers. One of the major benefits of this insurance is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that out-of-pocket expenses from costly health issues will be lower than if the insurance was never purchased. Doctor visits and illnesses can cost thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of dollars per year. This insurance generally covers all of these costs after the deductibles are paid.