Motorcycle Insurance

What It Is

Motorcycle insurance is only designed to be purchased by people that own motorcycles. There are many different types of this insurance to choose from, all based on what type of coverage the owner needs. This insurance type covers standard motorcycles, ATV’s, mopeds and scooters.

Who It’s For

Anyone that drives a motorcycle will need to purchase at least some form of motorcycle insurance in order to legally drive it. The more you want to cover, the more expensive the insurance will be. If you don’t drive much and instead use the motorcycle as a second mode of transportation, basic coverage is all you need. For those that drive their motorcycle all the time, it may be beneficial to purchase a more expensive insurance type that provides more extensive coverage.

How It Works

The driver of the motorcycle should purchase a type of coverage that extends to every aspect of the motorcycle they want covered. If an accident occurs or the motorcycle is stolen, the driver then files a claim with the insurance company and receives a sum of money to cover any expenses that fall under the coverage type.

Types of Coverage

There are many coverage types available to choose from, including liability coverage, collision insurance, comprehensive coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. Liability coverage extends to any damage or injury caused by your motorcycle if you’re at fault. This does not cover any damage done to yourself. This is the only mandatory form of insurance for drivers. Collision insurance covers damage to your motorcycle, while comprehensive coverage include protection for non-accident incidents. Uninsured coverage protects you if the other driver in the collision has no insurance. All of these can be added to liability coverage.

Major Benefits

One of the best aspects of this insurance is that it includes a wide range of coverage types and allows for the driver to be prepared in any situation they face. It’s also extremely easy to tailor the insurance plan to your specific needs.